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Mbois Pet Saç Eldiveni - Mavi

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Ürün Detayları

While collecting the hair of your pet, this glove, which has a massage effect, also provides the collection of hairs on your carpets and seats.

  • Combing the hair of your cat and dog is both enjoyable and practical
  • Very simple to use
  • It collects dead hairs easily while combing, and the collected hairs are cleaned very easily.
  • It can be used for a long time, does not lose its feature easily

The lint mitt is very useful for picking up lint and dust.

The glove has a slightly toothed surface on the palm and allows you to easily remove the plucked hairs from your dog.

Daily grooming has never been so comfortable and enjoyable! Just put on the glove and

caress! It will be free from all kinds of excess hair and dust and will have a shiny fur.

Package Included:

1 Piece Hair Removal Glove

SKU: 4495-HBCV00000EPJMU

SP-ID: 5076865