Me-O Creamy Kedi Ödül Maması Somonlu 4 x 15 gr - Çok Renkli - hepsiglobal
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Me-O Creamy Kedi Ödül Maması Somonlu 4 x 15 gr - Çok Renkli

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Me-O Creamy Treats Liquid Cat Prize with Salmon 4 x 15 gr

4 packs of 15 g

Omega 3 and 6

It is effective in heart and kidney health with the contribution of taurine.

Prebiotic and Vitamin E added.

There is no pork and lard.

Grain free, delicious and natural

Me-o Creamy Treats is a natural reward for your cat! You can use Me-o Creamy Treats directly from the package or directly into the food bowl.

At the same time, you can spray a little on the dry food to flavor the dry food. Me-o Creamy Treats does not contain pork or lard and contains Taurine, Vitamin E and Omega 3 & It is enriched with 6.

Me-o Creamy Treats were developed from carefully selected ingredients and by nutritionists. This recipe contains a mix of chicken, mussels, salmon or tuna with no color or preservatives and is perfect for cats of all life stages.


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