Turna Bakır Özel Seri Nitelikli Tava 3'lü Takım - Bronz - hepsiglobal
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Turna Bakır Özel Seri Nitelikli Tava 3'lü Takım - Bronz

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Satıcı: turnabakir
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-Our products are produced by hand forging by copper craftsmen of Kahramanmaraş. -The inner part of our copper products, the outer surface of which is polished to prevent tarnishing, is plated with tin using traditional methods. -Long lasting and durable. -Does not rust. - The visible and different lines on our products are due to the fact that each product is made by hand; therefore, the lines of each product are specific to the product. - Our copper products are not fabricated and are handmade. -Due to its natural structure, copper may lose its shine depending on use, you can wipe the products with a vinegar cloth or rub them with lemon and salt, so that your copper products will regain their former shine. 1- Before using the product for the first time, wash it by hand with warm soapy water and dry it. 2-Do not wash in the dishwasher. 3-Do not use a wire brush and bleach. 4- Make sure to dry it after each wash.

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