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vshop Pet Water Dispenser - Blue

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Product Details

1. High-efficiency ultraviolet sterilization, multiple filtration, infrared induction, circulating filtration, smart touch, water shortage protection
2. Multiple filter elements, effectively clean drinking water and prevent pet stones
3. Self-running faucet design, 24-hour circulating water purification
4. Multiple filtration, scouring the floating hair
5. Water shortage reminder, anti-dry protection
6. Low water level detection, stop after automatic monitoring, and start automatically after adding water
7. UVC ultraviolet sterilization, long-term water immersion cycle antibacterial
8. Intelligent induction, the cat is close to the induction range and the water will come out, and the water will stop when it walks out of the induction range
9. Low noise operation, people can sleep well without disturbing
10. Applicable objects: dogs and cats
11. Input power: 5W
12. Input voltage: 5V
13. Input current: 1A
14. Power supply mode: USB charging
15. Size: 14x14x12.5cm
16. Weight: about 320g

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